produce and print personalized and fully customized football annuals for amateur, youth, semi and full professional football clubs; all uniquely designed for your club only.

What’s remarkable is it doesn’t cost your club a single penny. In fact, even more remarkable – your club actually makes money from these beautiful hardback glossy annuals.

Get in touch today to find out more about this incredible and unbelievable package formed to help the grassroots of the beautiful game.


Introduction to
Our retro style football annuals
Anniversary football annuals designed for your club
Capture your club’s history in print
Your club’s event/presentation all wrapped up in this superb package
Your women’s and girls’ football annual in glorious colour
Fame begins early with our magnificent mini-kickers series of annuals for your club
Display your league fixtures and information in book form

Who are and how can we help football clubs of all styles and sizes raise much-needed funds?


At we like to believe our system and ways of making money for football clubs is one of the best going around and in so many respects we are kind of unique. is an arm of the Club Books company formed and structured to help the grassroots of sport.

Initially grounded from a football background, we at FootballAnnuals know exactly what it means to run and be part of a football club and we know how difficult it can be to raise the funds in order to keep a club in business.

That’s why we developed this highly-sought project and business model. We are not a charity but we are fine exponents in how to raise money for clubs and it’s all constructed by in association with Club Books.