Annual Types – helping your club make money provide a wide assortment of football annual types that cover just about any football club’s desire.

Opt for our back-in-time look with our magnificent retro style football annuals. Capture all of your club’s information in a traditional football annual with its throwback theme.

Commemorate and celebrate your club’s anniversary with our sublime range of anniversary books designed and fully customized for your club.

Highlight all of your club’s history with our spectacular range of football history books. Turn all of your years of achievements and images into a fine football annual with a great trip down memory lane.

Enhance your club’s event and presentation with a stunning club annual to honour and celebrate your club/club’s individuals et cetera.

League Annuals: can publish your league’s information and distribute to your clubs. We offer a full range of hardback and paperback books specifically designed to suit your league’s requirements. produce stunning hardback/paperback annuals fully designed and unique to your club only. have designed a bulletproof concept with a stunning end product and the most remarkable thing about it is: it doesn’t cost your club a single penny! (see our terms)

That’s right, our model has been developed so that your club profits.

There are 4 ways your club stands to earn money:


Does your club have an anniversary coming up? Then contact a member of our team to discuss how we can assist you with your club’s very own annual in hardback/paperback to mark your special occasion.

Club historians – get in touch with us! We’ll publish your club’s book (subject to terms, of course).

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