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The following questions are from clubs, coaches, club members and parents & guardians. If you would like to submit a question please use our contact page where we may publish it on this page to help other clubs with their queries. – helping your club make money*UPDATED 10th September, 2016.
Please note we are now offering a more wider network of our photographers and our recommended book size is:

  • Hardback annual
    Colour, laminated (matt or gloss)
    (260 mm x 210 mm)
    Inside of book printed in silk coated
    Full colour (and black & white where requested or old photos)
  • Paperback also available

 Book Questions

What kind of book will our club receive?

Most clubs opt for the very popular and highly recommended:

  • Hardback annual
    Colour, laminated (matt or gloss)
    (260 mm x 210 mm)
    Inside of book printed in silk coated
    Full colour (and black & white where requested or old photos)
  • Paperback also available

What will the cover look like?

Generally, clubs like to have their badge/crest/logo and the colouring of the cover in relation to the club’s styling. For example, if your club is famous for vertical or hooped stripes then this is the most common way to go for the book cover design. It is also a good option to have action or team shot images on the front cover.

How many pages will my book have?

It depends on how big your club is and how much info you can supply but ideally we are looking at around a minimum of 100 pages. Between 100 and 200 pages is seen as the normal average but we have many clubs who have their own official club book page count between 300-400. We do recommend page counts to be in the region of 100-200.

How long does it take to have our book?

The process takes a matter of weeks. The quicker you complete your profile forms (if selected) and collect orders the quicker you can have your book in your hands. We like to work on a four to six-weeks schedule to have your book complete.

Can anyone order extra books even after our batch has been published and delivered to us?

Yes. All clubs have the facility to order extra copies of their book at any given time.

Are the books really good quality?

These books are of exceptional quality. You will be stunned to see and feel the quality of these books in your hand and you and your club will be incredibly proud to own such a book. These books are not flimsy booklets stapled together. These are books with a quality you would find in the High Street.

Who would buy books from our player/members?

You probably wouldn’t need to look any further than your family members. A grandmother, two uncles, an auntie and a big sister/brother would be enough sales for one club member. Even if you only sold two books it won’t really matter. One club member is also fine. We do not encourage door-to-door selling. This concept is pretty much an in-house situation. The beauty about this system is there is no need for hard sales.

Can we sell more books?

Of course. If you have a relative in another town or country they can easily obtain a copy of your book. It is quite common for young club members to have relatives in far away countries who have enjoyed our worldwide postal service.

Photo Questions

Are all photos colour?

The ones that are modern and taken for profile member pictures yes (unless you specifically request non-colour: black & white, sepia tone et cetera). However, a lot of old photos that are in black & white will go in the book as they are in their original format. It is not uncommon to have a club book with both colour and black & white photos.

What size of photos do we get in our book?

Photo sizes vary. Sometimes we can have one player with their own page (full page photo) and mostly player/member photos are paired or grouped together (quarter and half-page sized).

What kind of photos are the player/member profile shots?

Basic headshots for the player/member profiles and of course dressed in the club´s wear. Headshots are from upper torso to head or neck to head but we prefer showcasing your club´s badge where possible; resulting in an upper torso to head shot. Traditional strip/costume/uniform/trackwear are most common but in cases of sports that have less sportswear (swimming, gymnastics etc) the player/member will be required to wear alternative clothing like tracktop/T-shirt/polo etc. For team photos it is normal to be dressed in clubwear (tracksuits/strips/etc).

Who takes these photos?

Clubs are responsible for taking their own club photos. In most cases clubs use smartphones or may have a member who has a digital camera. Today’s technology means any club of any size can develop their own graphics material for their own club book. We do provide a photography service on occasions and if local to our regions covered we execute our own photography sessions.

How will these photos be taken?

When club  members are together at training, club meeting et cetera. Some clubs organize a photoshoot evening to take photos.

What happens if a member is not present at a photoshoot evening. Can they submit their own photo afterwards?

For the best purposes of your club book it is highly recommended to have all members’ photos taken at the same venue with the same background. Your book looks better when the material gathered is consistent.

What do you do with the photos once you take them?

We send them to our graphics department where we format them for print. We accept large-sized photos to enable us to scale the photos down to a high quality required for printing. The photos will belong to the club. We do not own any rights to your photos. We only use the photos for your club book and for some marketing, promotional means related to your club book. A CD disc or downloadable link is provided for the club where you can obtain all the finished images. We do not store them for any other reason other than as archives in our physical library (not stored online or on any computers). This means we can retrieve any material you wish about your book at any time in the future. They are for your purposes only.

I am a parent/guardian/relative of a player/member. I would like to have a copy of the photo of my child/relative. Can I have the photo developed?

You could use the master copy (as in above) and take it to a photo processing unit. To obtain the master copy you will have to go through your club. Only the club with authorization can present you with the master copy of any photos. If you contact us direct we can help you but only in conjunction with your club. The club will have to verify your identification before handing over any photos of anyone to you: we send direct to the club and the club can then pass on your requested photo(s).

Who owns the photos after they have been taken?

The club will own everything to do with their book (except where graphics or text has been submitted or legally acquired from outside sources). As in above, all photos of your players/members/team et cetera are automatically handed to you including ownership rights. For other images, graphics or text not created by the rights are owned by those third party sources. All your members’ and teams’ photos belong to you.

What are the size and format requirements of the photos we take and send to you?

It is recommended you use a smartphone or digital camera with a minimum 5 mega pixels. You will then have to transfer your images from your smartphone or digital camera onto your computer before sending to us. Try to send us images that are at least 2000 x 2000 in size. Please also note that whatever the file name is on the photo will be printed. If you send us a photo of a player/member whose name is Jenny Smith, then please make sure the photo you send of Jenny Smith is actually Jenny Smith. We will not know who Jenny Smith is if her photo is named DCM 111.

Player Member Profile Questions

In most club book’s publications we have what we term Player Member Profiles. These are short facts and get-to-knows about players and members of clubs. The questions are not set in stone as clubs can make up their own ones but as an example, a Player Member Profiles appears underneath or alongside the photo of the player/member…

Squad number:
Been at the club since:
Best thing about the club:

How do we do Player Member Profiles?

We will submit a sample for your members to fill in. Forms must be submitted to us electronically.

How can we submit electronically?

Forms can be filled in by members at home and submitted back to the club via email. Physical forms can be filled in with a biro pen but someone at the club must re-do the forms again electronically before submitting to us.

What format do you accept as an electronically-submitted form?

Word.doc files are preferred.

Can we make our own questions up?

Yes. As long as the questions are sincere and in no way lessen the quality of your book. Questions and answers should reflect your sport and individual nature. Please be aware that your book will not only represent you but your club.

Avoid nonsense questions and answers and anything that may put readers off. Your book and all its contents reflect your club and will be a part of your club´s history for years to come so please keep this in mind when filling in your profile forms. Naturally you will look back at your profile and discover your favourite TV show has changed but that is about change and evolving in some cases; it is perfectly normal that your profile form will be strange to you in years to come but when you put a silly answer to a question you might actually regret it.

Think carefully about all your questions because you will be creating your own special history and you will want to look back in years to come and feel affection for your answers and not cringe because you inserted something stupid just because you thought it was cute to get a laugh from your friends.

Are there any rules and tips you have for filling in these forms?

Please make sure you type in your form neatly. Do not write in mobile phone text style. You will hand the form into your club coach/administrator by email. If your coach or club administrator cannot read your profile then the chances are we can´t. Please make sure you spell things correctly. If your favourite pop star is Rihanna then please write Rihanna. If you spell Rihanna’s name Rianna or Reanna then it will be wrong…unless there is another pop star named Rianna or Reanna. It is important to be precise. If you are unsure please take the time to Google a name you are not 100% sure of and remember: what you finally submit will be printed.

Please note* If anyone has difficulty in filling in their profile form then please do not be shy to contact your club or If any person in any club has any writing or reading difficulties they should come forward to receive help. At we do not discriminate or judge people´s academic abilities and we are sure your club will have the same views. No-one should feel left out or be treated differently. Please read next question below…

You say what we submit will be printed. What if a club member doesn’t know how to spell a particular brand or name or even has writing disabilities like dyslexia for example.

If any member has any problems with filling in their form they only need to ask us. We will always help in situations like this. Members have family, friends and their club to call on anyway but are always at hand to help out any member no matter how small or large the problem may be. carefully scan all text submitted to us. As parents ourselves we know only too well that there are many variations of spelling that young members usually provide us with and often brands can be a little tricky.

For example Pokémon is the correct spelling but most write Pokemon without the little thingy above the e. What we would do is try and stick to the proper spelling. We change the differences.

Another example is PlayStation. We receive profiles whereby the members write their favourite game as Play Station but we change to fit what we feel to be the correct way of writing PlayStation. If there is something we are not sure of we will contact the club and find the accurate profile form answer to a question.

One member´s favourite band was a local band; we had never heard of this band so we checked it out through the club and the club member to make sure…to get the spelling correctly and to establish it wasn´t a mistake of a band´s name. These things are important so if there is something we find in a filled in profile form we still work to finalize that form into a properly-written profile and eliminating as much errors as possible.

Please note* for young members we recommend parents/guardians or older family members to help the young members with their profile forms.

Pricing Questions

How do you calculate the book price?

The price is based on production costs. It has nothing to do with the quality of contents or how magnificent your club’s story maybe; it is based purely on page count, weight and measure.

Our club is really small. Can you still produce our book?

Yes but in order for us to make our arrangement a success it is best your club can achieve a minimum order of 100 books. If you cannot meet this requirement or you feel you may struggle to do so then please contact us where we will endeavour to come to an arrangement for you. In a lot of cases we have produced short runs on books with low volume count. will work to try and find a suitable solution for small clubs. You only need to ask and if we can match your wishes we will do our very best.

Are the books always the same price to buy?

We always set a recommended price for your book that is affordable and realistic. That being said, your club can change the price at any given time as there is no price on the bar code of your book.

Delivery Questions

How are the books delivered?

Books are delivered by courier service.

What kind of packaging do the books come in?

Bulk load books are delivered in well-wrapped and packaged carton(s). Individual book order deliveries are also well-wrapped and neatly package in sturdy flat cartons. Every care is taken to make sure your books are delivered in first-class condition.

Can my club track the delivery?

On occasions tracking is available to but not always. We use reputable courier services where we do have tracking but we cannot be responsible if their website is not showing the exact time and date of the books in transit. However, overall there is tracking available.

Can the books be delivered directly to each parent?

Yes and no. The object of this pricing and delivery structure is to order in bulk and delivery one time to one place. If a parent/guardian/relative wishes to order a separate or extra book and have that book delivered to their address then that can be arranged but with added charge.

How can I order separately?

Individual orders can be purchased on our website via a private link allocated to your club only. This link will be negotiated once your book is published and printed.

Parents/Guardians Questions

I want to pre-order a book. How do I go about this?

The club that your child is associated with takes in all the pre-orders. If you wish to purchase a book after the club’s edition has been delivered then you can do so via Just contact us and we’ll respond to your request.

We have relatives overseas. Can you deliver a book?

Yes. We can deliver worldwide. Preferably the European Union, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. If you have a relative in Asia or South America then the delivery costs are much higher and the delivery times much longer.

Club Questions

What are the steps we need to take to get our club book published?

You simply make the first contact by contacting us on our contact page. We will then send you a downloadable formula showing you all the steps to take.

Do we get to keep in touch throughout the process?

Absolutely. We issue the club with a personal page inside our website and you can check all the details from start to finish. You will be notified by email when there has been a step further in your book’s publishing journey or you can just view your page 24-hours. Inside this page you can see the book cover and the book interior.

How much of a chunk will this affect our already existing club funds?

Nothing. This system does not require you to dig into your club´s kitty. The club members take the order form to their household and one or more family members can pre-order the book. That club member collects the pre-order payment(s) and brings to the club. That way the club will know how many books you wish to order.

When does this money go to

After production and just before we go to print you will have to approve of the interior of the book and the cover of the book. This can be viewed online in a PDF formatted file. Upon approval you order via Pro-Forma invoice the exact amount of books you require and we then print and ship your desired quantity of books.

It all sounds so simple, what’s the catch?

There simply is no catch. Not for you, for your sponsors, or for us. It is a mind-blowing concept where all parties concerned win out of it. If there was any catch at all we wouldn’t be involved, our partners wouldn’t be involved and it just wouldn’t work.

It is because this model and way of making money for your club is almost unheard of people naturally assume there must be something in it for just one side but this is a three-pin plug effect (as we like to call it). All three involved gain out of this concept. To give you an idea how brilliant this concept is we are so confident that sponsors come to us to get on board and we don’t need to worry about the other way round.

Sponsors Questions

What are the benefits for sponsors?

Sponsors – and in particular local sponsors – donate generously but in truth they probably don’t get much in the way of a return in some cases. But, if you have a business and you help to fund a club book for a local team you get the obvious exposure in a novel-sized book and that is most likely a rare occasion.

We have our own advert. Can we send you it to be included in a book?

Yes but we would require written confirmation that the advert is either owned by you or you have the rights to use it.

We noticed that you design the adverts yourself. Is this the norm?

Generally we would like nothing more than for all sponsors to submit their own adverts; this would save us time but due to copyright issues we cannot accept any advert given to us without authorization. We are in the publishing business; therefore very strict on who owns what. If we cannot have an original advert that you either own or have the rights to use we design one for you (charges may occur).

Can I send you the advert I have in the Yellow Pages?

No. We would need written consent to use that advert as we didn’t create it and you may not be the original creator of that particular advert.

But the advertising people made an advert for us so this advert is ours, right?

Strictly speaking the company name maybe yours and all your contact details but the creators of the advert have worked on it and are most likely the originators of that advert. To be safe, it is always best to contact your designer and ask for permission.

*Questions are genuine and are based on real clubs and sponsors alike asking us these questions. As each question arises we add it to this collection. If you have a question why not pop it over to us and if relevant we will add it to this section.

More questions coming shortly.

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