How It Works – helping your club make money

Professional clubs document their history and have an archive of photographs they can draw on for book publications. Amateur clubs are no exception. – helping your club make moneyMost to all clubs have a wealth of ready-made information they can put in their book. This information can range from a private collection, club website and social network sites such as Facebook. It has never been easier to have your club’s very own official club book.


Clubs gather and submit to as much text information as you can put together. This text information normally comes in the shape of club history, achievements, honours, club stipulations, commentary/quotes from present/former club members et cetera. Easily transfer all your club’s text material into Word files.

Clubs can submit squad photos, individual player/member photos, action shots and historical images of past club experience et cetera. It is also common for clubs to submit photos of fund-raising events, tournaments and even photos of their facility. Make a collection of all your club’s photos and transfer them into a document on your computer.

Sponsor Adverts:
Part of the fund-raising package with your club book comes from sponsors who wish to have a full or half-page advert in your book. This is one of the most common means of earning extra money for your club on top of the actual earnings made from your book. Your sponsor can enjoy a targeted audience. The price structure for advertising space within your club book is extremely reasonable. So far we’ve seen a consistent rate of sponsors playing a major part in club’s club books. We work with your sponsors to earn your club, even more funds.

*Note mostly deal directly with sponsors unless requested otherwise

Submitting Material:
When clubs gather the necessary material for their book they can post or upload to the internet via a link we supply.

When all material is submitted to we will develop your book’s cover and interior. We then send you a proof copy in the form of a PDF file that is uploaded to a private link. The club can then go over the book and once satisfied with the layout we go straight to print upon approval.

Printing & Delivery:
Your club books are then printed and delivered to your address of choice.

– Does your club have an anniversary coming up? Then contact a member of our team to discuss how we can assist you with your club’s very own annual in hardback/paperback to mark your special occasion.

– Club historians – get in touch with us! We’ll publish your club’s book (subject to terms, of course).

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